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The history of Shasta begins high in the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range near the California/Oregon border, where there is a magnificent, snow-capped mountain named Shasta. Shasta is an ancient Indian word meaning whiteness and purity. The glaciers of Mt. Shasta keep the peak perpetually white with snow while the base holds beautiful hot springs offering pure, naturally carbonated spring water year round. It was here at the base of Mt. Shasta in 1889, that the history of Shasta soft drinks began. A group of businessmen opened a health and vacation resort at the site and featured naturally carbonated spring water. The pure spring water was so enthusiastically received by visitors that the men formed Shasta Mineral Springs Company and began bottling and selling the carbonated water throughout the Pacific West Coast.


In 1928 Shasta came under new management and was renamed the Shasta Water Company. With the new name came new ideas as Shasta began to expand its line from just carbonated water to a variety of flavors. During the years that followed, Shasta experienced steady growth throughout the West Coast.

Shasta Water Company

Major changes came in the early 1950’s when Shasta introduced three new soft drink industry concepts: the packaging of soft drinks in cans, the introduction of low calorie soft drinks, and the implementation of a more efficient method of distributing soft drinks; shipping cans and bottles directly to grocers through wholesale channels. All of these changes proved to be extremely successful and contributed greatly to Shasta’s growth in the years that followed.

By 1960 Shasta was well known throughout the far Western United States. Acquired by Consolidated Foods Corporation and renamed Shasta Beverages, the company embarked on a decade of rapid geographic growth.

In 1985, Shasta was acquired by National Beverage Corp. Packaging innovations continued with the introduction of the 3 liter, 18-packs 16-ounce cans and a line of flavors inspired by for our Hispanic consumer base.

Today, Shasta continues to develop and introduce innovative and bold new flavors into the marketplace.


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